When Warm

I know the long range forecasts say the temperature is going back to single (Celsius) digits by the end of next week, but I’ve been enjoying the taste of warmth over the past few days. No barbecues, promenades or lounger-action, just the windows open all day, summer clothes on and my limbs starting to stretch out. For some reason that happens to me as the thermometer rises. I get a few days of agony as my neck/shoulders/ankles/knees/wrists have a good old whinge, especially the arthritic bit of my neck, and I have to do a few physio exercises, but then everything elongates out and in my summer body I am taller, longer and stronger. I get more music made, take more pictures and dream more stories. Sometimes I go for a run… I look forward to moving one day in the next year or two to my town of choice and swimming every day.