Mind Your Idents

There’s been a lot of blether this weekend over the BBC’s decision to trail Over The Rainbow during the climactic final moments of this week’s Doctor Who by means of an animated banner featuring Graham Norton.

Complaints are no doubt piling up in the audience log, even though the Doctor himself clambered over the end of Total Wipeout. Timing could have been better, of course, and Norton has form in this area thanks to a screw up during the airing of the very first episode (‘Rose’) of the Who comeback in 2005 that led to a feed from his mic (he was hosting the live show Strictly Dance Fever that evening) spilling over the opening minutes.

All this doesn’t change the fact that the illustrations and animations used are pretty damn ace and were garnering plenty of compliments before the moment of doom. Animation by family favourites Aardman Animation, illustrations by the reliably brilliant Stanley Chow.

Check out his Doctor:

And his Thierry Henry: