David Miliband in Horsforth


Again, I’m very busy and short of time, but here now are my photos from David Miliband’s individual hustings in Horsforth late last month. Some I will post here, the rest can be found in the Flickr set: David Miliband in Horsforth 22/08/10

Holding membership card

Smiling with coffee

David Miliband in Horsforth
Ballot papers start going out from today for the Labour leadership election. I have a clear idea of my preferences (David Miliband, Ed Miliband and Andy Burnham – surprising nobody – though I hope Ed Balls gets a good job where he can be a solid attack force), but the order keeps changing. Closer to the close of the election, I will link to the candidates’ manifestos. Please note that cheerleading or endorsements from politicians, celebrities, friends and others will not affect my vote, though Patrick Stewart’s speech is quite nice:

I know that some people have found the contest to be long and boring, but as a new member with more interest in national than local politics, I’ve found it to be exciting, engaging and an invaluable way in to a more party political life. I’ve loved the hustings, though they have been pretty much uniformly badly lit for those of us with cheap compact cameras.

Footsie with himself

David’s Horsforth meeting was the most “intimate” I have attended yet, even though probably double the number of people were there than were at Andy Burnham’s Oracle bar meeting a few days previously. It felt a lot more “local” – in keeping with the surroundings out in Horsforth and David’s childhood there rather than in a city centre bar, theatre foyer, big hall or civic chamber. We met some wonderful older party members, who really made us feel welcome and were full of passion and wisdom, and I was sitting a short distance from David for the whole meeting. I found the observation of body language, tone of voice etc very interesting. I don’t get the whole “robotic” thing with DM, incidentally, as in person he never comes across that way, but the “presidential” vibes are indeed strong.

Lanky lad

Politics pervs may find some of the close-ups interesting. Ha.

Shiny shoes

Hand close-up (not crotch)
Rear view

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