Rebel Pinup


I’m not often lucky, but recently I have won a couple of competitions online. A little while ago I won some amazing boots (which I WILL blog at some point) and the other week I won a Culture Vultures competition for a free haircut at Rebel Pinup, which has opened at the back of Bronchia-fave shop Paper Scissor Stone. The salon is dead glam, with big double-sided gilt-framed mirrors, and the place is studded with fabulous stylists. Plenty of attitude and style, but not in the aloof/hipster vein.

I had my hair cut and styled by the delightfully friendly and talented Lorenzo today, who has fabulous hair of her own – as you might expect. The results of my chop are pictured in this post.

EDIT: Lorenzo has since left Rebel Pinup for another salon. I liked the way she cut my hair, but will be returning to my usual stylist (Richard Stone at Funct UK in Headingley).


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